Penalty Kicks

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Description - Penalty Kicks:

Penalty Kicks is a soccer game that puts you in the shoes of a penalty taker. You have 15 attempts to score as many goals as possible.

Instructions - Penalty Kicks:

How to Play Penalty Kick Online

As the Kicker:

Click and swipe on the ball with your mouse to take a shot.
Be careful not to swipe too far, or you might miss!
As the Goalkeeper:

Move your cursor to block the shot.
Additional Features:

If you make your first shot, you can earn another shot by solving a math problem correctly.
Score the most goals after five rounds to win the match!
Career and Achievements:

Build a career with our all-new XP and leveling system.
Fill your trophy case by completing achievements.
Show off your rank in online play!
Gameplay Tips:

When playing as the goalkeeper, try to block the soccer ball with the heels of your hands. Many new players attempt to block with their fingertips, which can be less effective.
If you're having trouble blocking shots, try aiming above the ball for better results.

Why is this a math soccer game?

Fair question! While nobody really wants to do math while playing a game, adding math problems gives the game a new dimension. It’s not just about shooting and blocking goals; timed math problems offer players an opportunity to earn advantages in the game. Plus, doing well on your math quizzes can give you an even greater edge!
Is this game online or offline?

Penalty Kick Online can be played either online or offline. We recommend ensuring a stable internet connection for online play and practicing offline games before competing against experienced players.
Which countries can you pick from?

There are 32 countries to choose from in Penalty Kick Online. While we won’t list them all here, you’ll find all the options available when you click play. If your favorite team was in the most recent World Cup, there’s a good chance they’re featured.
How hard is Penalty Kick Online?

The game starts out fairly easy, but the difficulty increases significantly by the third or fourth opponent. There is a learning curve, and players may struggle initially. However, once you master shot power and goalie hand placement, the first few opponents will be easier. Your math skills are crucial too, as solving problems for additional chances can be a major game-changer against tougher opponents.