Flight Sim

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Description - Flight Sim:

Experience the challenging role of an air traffic controller. Guide aircraft to their landing zones and keep the skies safe to complete levels and achieve high scores. Various aircraft and rare helicopters are waiting for your runway clearance. Assist them in finding the safest paths to land without collisions. Avoid mayday signals at all costs.

Instructions - Flight Sim:

Flight Sim is an ultra-realistic flying game that lets you take control of various types of aircraft. This game focuses on teaching you the intricate controls needed to fly an airplane or helicopter. Flying is notoriously difficult to master, so take your time learning each control before taking to the skies for a test run.

This simulator allows novices to learn the basics of piloting from the comfort and safety of their own home. You can practice takeoff, landing, and flight as many times as you like as you master the art of flying. Have fun!