Anderson o Chapeleiro

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Description - Anderson o Chapeleiro:

Luiz, the protagonist, ultimately acquiesced to an invitation to partake in a game. However, to his dismay, he found himself abruptly transported to an obscure and somber realm. It was there that he encountered Anderson, a peculiar hatter, who compelled him to engage in a game. In a dire twist of fate, Luiz discovered that his very survival hinged upon his participation. The chaplain, Anderson, presented him with three cards, each representing a distinct game. After careful consideration, Luiz opted for the game of lost keys. In order to emerge victorious and secure his freedom from this enthralling ordeal, Luiz must successfully locate all twenty misplaced keys within the labyrinthine confines of the game.

Instructions - Anderson o Chapeleiro:

w walk to freight S walk to trais D walk left A walk to the right SHIFT use the energy drink Q skips or enters settings